GIGAPURU.COM provides beauty and healthy item with a reasonable price.


You can purchase it at Don Quijote stores or drug chain stores or this site.


GIRAPURU.COM hyaluronic acid is a skin care product made in Japan with plenty of moisturizing effect. It is fragrance-free and paraben-free, so even sensitive skin can be used with safety.


-What is hyaluronic acid stock solution?-

Hyaluronic acid is a source of fresh and youthful skin that directly affects the moisture of the skin. It contains a moisturizing ingredient that can replenish about 6 liters water in 1g, and protects your skin from drying by its unusual moisturizing power. Hyaluronic acid undiluted solution can be used with just one push in your face lotion. You can easily make your own customized cosmetics in seconds.


-Hyaluronic acid stock solution “GIAGAPURU.COM” easily charge moisture for your dry skin.-


GIGAPURU.COM hyaluronic acid stock solution does not contain any preservatives called paraben. Since it is gentle on the skin and hypoallergenic, it can be used with safety even for first-time users and sensitive skin.


-The best moisture retention in Japan that cannot be imitated elsewhere-

GIGAPURU.COM hyaluronic acid stock solution uses “high-purity sodium hyaluronate” made by special technology of leading Japanese food manufacturers and has the highest level of moisture retention.


-GIGAPURU.COM cosmetics is unscented-

In response to the request of disliked the scent of skin care goods smell, we manufacture GIGAPURU.COM with no fragrance that is easy to fit for many customers.


-Please try the wonderful moisturizing power of Hyaluronic acid undiluted solution “GIGAPURU.COM”,



-How to use GIGAPRU.COM Hyaluronic Acid Stock Solution

You only need to mix a few drops of GIGAPURU.COM hyaluronic acid stock solution into your face lotion.

STEP1- 1 push on your face lotion

STEP2- Spread over the entire face and blend in with a hand press to confine moisture.

STEP3-Moisture is strengthened by layering on areas that are easy to dry.



GIGAPURU.COM, which offers beauty and healthy item at a reasonable price, can be purchased from this site, Don Quixote stores, and some drug chains.